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“They’re not pets, they’re family & family deserves the very best.”-SP


Who We Are

We believe that fur babies not only benefit from but deserve natural, organic diets just like we do.

What We Do

Provide small batch meals & treats researched to be delicious to your four legged family member using people grade ingredients (yes, food that we eat, but that’s safe for them). No additives, hormones or preservatives. So enjoy them & refrigerate… with your food.

Hand kneaded dough for our treats.

We’re proud to be a part of the community, serving friends and neighbors — whether they have two legs, or four.

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Our Products

Sampler Host(ess) Box

The perfect gift to give to a pet loving host when you visit. The box includes our *all stars*- PBB (Peanut Butter Bacon) Bar, Inspired Stars, Thankful Harvest (seasonal) Doughnut & Mini Pumpkin Spiced Doughnut (seasonal). Seasonal flavors vary.


Doggie Doughnuts

These delicious treats hide all their nutrition with beauty. Pumpkin (tummy), flax (anti-inflammatory, aids with healthy coat & skin) & chia (immune booster & stress blaster) seeds & cinnamon (regulates blood sugar). Softer texture for pooches with dental or jaw issues. We're not vets, but anything this tasty & healthy is a win! **NUT FREE**


Kitty Bites

We're friends to felines! I’m sure your kitty will love our wild caught pink salmon treats.These bite size treats have a crunch on the outside with a soft center. They’ll make a swimmingly good hit! 🐈 +🐟=😸😺


PBB Bars & Inspired Stars

The OT (Original Treat). This is where we started. Peanut Butter Bacon (PBB) Bars & Inspired Stars. Both have jump off the plate taste! Inspired Stars make a great treat for smaller dogs & are fantastic to use for training. You'll receive a mixture of both.


Specialty Plus

"Those are dog treats?" "They're too pretty to eat." These are a few of the comments we hear when people see these for the first time. Yes, they're gorgeous & yes, they're made with human ingredients that benefit dogs. Pictured: Inspired Star, Sticky "Toffee" (no sugar) mini cake, Mini Doughnut (flavor varies) & PBB (Peanut Butter Bacon) Bar.


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