Who We Are & Our Why

Our mission is to support pet families by providing ultra-high quality, healthy food for their four-legged family members, both cats & dogs.

About the Founder-Sheri Patterson

We have significant focus-family. My husband & I are dedicated to raising our two sons. As they have grown & are moving into their own lives, I’m able to pursue this dream. I’ve wanted to create food for our four-legged family members. My goal is to feed them as I have my sons with healthy, natural foods that hide their nutritional value in taste. We have a variety of products, starting with treats for cats & dogs and holiday meals.

As I mentioned, “family first” is our family’s motto. Barks & Purr’s motto is “they’re not just pets; their family & family deserve the best.” Believe me, when we say family, it means everything to us & we indeed treat your fur babies like family. Every ingredient used may be eaten by humans. It’s high quality natural & organic foods that we eat & serve our children.


Published by barksandpurrspet

We hand make pet treats & food in small batches. All ingredients are foods that we can eat, but are researched to be safe for pets. We know that their unconditional love earns them only the best in return from us. Barks & Purrs delivers just that.

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